Ukrainian experts are working to improve the data collection system for the identification of agricultural crops

Owing to the existing fundamental knowledge in the national scientific environment it is possible to build the future today, together with promoting the development of IT technologies and improving machine learning algorithms.

It was once again demonstrated by scientists and experts of the Association "Ukrainian Soil Partnership" by contributing to the improvement of the means of remote monitoring. Jointly with specialists of the Dutch technology company national experts including the representatives of the State Institution "Institute of Soil Protection of Ukraine", the National Scientific Center «Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky»  and the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine are working to improve the data collection system for crop and wetland identification within the World Bank project.

What seemed like simple tasks, identifying crops in the field and collecting samples in large quantities, require comprehensive solutions and joint efforts of experts in the field of agronomy, mapping, analysis of large data sets, and machine learning. Hence, by the effort of specialists of the Association "Ukrainian Soil Partnership", working groups in all agro-climatic zones of the country have been created.

There is still a month of field trips to agricultural sites ahead. At the same time, professional experts are developing a methodology for identifying and mapping wetlands of various types. Such works are performed for the first time and require in-depth scientific knowledge and international requirements for the classification of wetlands.

Wetlands are key objects in adapting and combating climate change, especially for countries with a shortage of water resources, such as Ukraine. That is why its preservation is the priority of the state. And conservation is impossible without quality supervision and monitoring. Food security is also dependent on accurate data on the structure of crops production.

Therefore, if you suddenly meet a man with a phone or a tablet in the middle of a forest, meadow, or on the edge of a field, it may be the case when he takes a photo for our future.

Photos provided by specialists of the branches of the State Institution "Institute of Soil Protection of Ukraine"