450 samples of wetlands; 7000 samples of crop types

The Association "Ukrainian Soil Partnership" under a contract with the Dutch technology company "NEO.BV" completed the collection of field samples in order to improve machine learning algorithms in remote sensing of the Earth's surface within the framework of the World Bank project. During project implementation, 7,000,000 field samples were collected in 9 different regions of Ukraine for 12 different crop types including orchard and vine crops. 7 field crews represented by agronomists and a team of database analysts for primary field data processing were involved in the work. The uniqueness of this database of crops is not only in the number of collected crop types, but also in the accuracy of their identification and location, as it makes it possible to improve algorithms for crops recognition by adding additional indirect agro-climatic features.

The work of collecting and identifying 450 samples of eight different types of wetlands was extremely difficult. Representatives of the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of NAAS, forestry specialists and local self-government bodies were involved in this task. During the month, experts were involved in the search and mapping of swamps, non-forested marches, and other objects. We owe special thanks to colleagues from the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB) who implementing the project aimed at swamps restoration of the Zacharovanij Kraj National Nature Park (“Enchanted Land”) in cooperation with the partner Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union of Germany (NABU) and with the support of the VGP Foundation for their willingness to cooperate and consult.

The completed work brings our country one step closer to improving satellite monitoring, which in turn will allow to form reliable statistics on crops, forecast yields and detect ecologically sensitive objects and zoning violations in advance.

The course of work and project participants are described in detail in a previous publication available at the link - Ukrainian experts are working to improve the data collection system for the identification of agricultural crops.